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Special Expertise

We work exclusively with lawyers and law firms.

Work with us to drive traffic to your website, keep it working for you 24/7 and turn your leads into clients.

Proven Strategies

Our affordable website solutions and easy payment structure makes it easy to implement your firm’s online marketing strategies to attract better work and improve your revenue.


We create visually stunning websites that make a strong first impression with content that engages your visitors, obliges them to connect and take action.


Regular maintenance and 24/7 network monitoring keeps your website secure, running smoothly and is vital for the best possible user experience.


We use industry leading website infrastructure which provides advanced, simple, fast and secure hosting and service availability of 99.95% uptime.


SEO helps position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process or when people, looking for legal help, need to find your site.


Security is important so we perform daily secure backups, network monitoring, critical updates and regular updates of plugins and programs.


We create content for your website that convinces visitors you are the right law firm to help them, which keeps your website working for you all day every day.

We know the way.

So many lawyers are embarrassed about their firm’s website but don’t know what to do or where to seek help. We do.

Don’t ignore the power of the Internet

96 %
People seeking legal advice use a search engine when looking online

People that purchased legal services used the internet to find a lawyer

People seeking legal advice use the internet to find a lawyer

Activate Your Growth Potential


Upgrading your law firm website

Upgrading your law firm website solves a multitude of problems, even some problems you didn’t even know you had will be solved. If you go about it properly a website upgrade will enhance your profile and deliver new work to your law firm on a regular basis.We probably...

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Is your law firm website working for you?

Is your law firm website working for you? If it is the practice of law is made so much easier. New work streams in, the staff are busy doing work rather than asking for work to do and you don’t need to worry about the cash flow. Despite this though, so many lawyers we...

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Use Google to boost your law firm website

If you are in the process of building a new website, relaunching an upgraded one or trying to increase visitor traffic to your old one now is the perfect time to understand how you can use Google to boost your law firm website and to make sure it gets the traffic you...

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What People Are Saying

“After briefing the team at Active Legal Media on my website requirements they were able to provide the content, look and feel that I wanted, and it was all done with a minimum of fuss.”

Toya Kha

TK Legal

“The biggest benefit in having the guys from Active Legal Media upgrade my website was that, as former lawyers, they have a deep knowledge of the profession and importantly, know how clients think and what they’re looking for in a website.”

Richard Wise

Richard Wise Solicitors

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